Thu. Jun 24th, 2021


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Power Circle Raw and Smoove Criminal Steadily Climbing with “Die Alone”

By Dymond Alexis

North Carolina artists Power Circle Raw and Smoove Criminal are seeking for the top spot as the artist world grows in the developing state and eyes are definitely on all artists coming from NC.

The two collaborated on “Die Alone,” which was produced by Joey Bars, who is a producer killing the game with his credits. The song reached over 10K plays on SoundCloud and is still growing. The visual for the song has now been released and has a dope storyline to follow along with it.

“Die Alone” starts off with PC Raw working in a convenient store with Smoove Criminal and they’re thinking of a plan to hit a lick. The two take us on their journey and end at PC Raw’s store. The video not only shows that millennials can be their own boss but, that videos can have a simple storyline and take the visual to the next level.

PC Raw has continuously developed himself as an artist and has found his style on his musical journey. Check the video for “Die Alone” below and let us know how you’re feeling it!