Thu. Jul 29th, 2021


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Silento Got Violento

By: Nicholas allen

Instagram: @thenichway

Silento, born Ricky Lamar Hawk, has been getting into serious trouble since he came onto the scene with his hit song “Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae” in 2015. 

It is no secret that Silento got violento when news broke on February 1st that he murdered his own cousin. This is not the first of serious offences for Hawk, but it is the most serious.

People close to Hawk report he has been struggling with his mental health lately, and this is another reason why we need to take extra care in reaching out to our loved ones to see how they are doing!

Prayers go out to the family of Silento in these hard times, and we are also praying for his mental stability so he can turn his life around in the future. 

The rapper shot his 34 year-old cousin Frederick Rooks multiple times outside his home and is now being held without bond in DeKalb County Jail in Georgia. 

Here is a look at other crimes committed by Hawk in the past: