Thu. Jun 24th, 2021


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Don’t Sleep On Saucy Santana!

By: Nicholas Allen

Instagram: @thenichway

Saucy Santana has been stepping in the both and delivering club bangers for when this ‘rona season finally ends!

Saucy Santana has the best personality, his ability to get people to laugh is undeniable. The gag is, he is really snapping in the studio too! He is on the road to becoming the most famous LGBTQ rapper.

Personally, I got into Saucy Santana in 2020 and I haven’t looked back. The bars are so playful and fun, the flow is strong and the energy is always on 100!

One thing we know is Santana knows how to read someone, he’s been going back and forth with Khia and Rollying Ray recently. We all know Khia doesn’t play when it comes to her reads, so if he could get her attention he knows how to read too.

Some of our favourite songs by him are Back It Up feat. LightSkinKeisha, Walk Em Like A Dog, Walk and It’s a Vibe feat. DreamDoll and LightSkinKeisha!

At this point, we’re just waiting for Santana to be the official third City Girl! We see the journey and appreciate all the hard work and bangers he is giving us!