Mon. Jan 25th, 2021


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YXNG K.A, NLE Choppa, Morray and More are Changing Music

By Dymond Alexis


Instagram: @dymondalexis

When it comes to male rappers, I’ve gravitated to artists that have a message within their music. The new generation of artist became obsessed with the “typical” lifestyle of a “rapper” and created a wave that I believe is ending. The music that was dropped in 2020 changed the music scene for the better.

We’re getting music with substance and I love to see it. I am excited to see where the music goes in 2021.

Some of my favorite newcomers that’s out would be YXNG K.A, NLE Choppa, Morray and more which I’ve included on a playlist below. These are that I’ve added motivate me while listening to their music and I can feel what they’re saying. NLE Choppa’s wisdom and knowledge surprises me because of his age but, he’s wise. YXNG K.A. is a rising artist from Philly that’s killing the scene with a popular sound with meaning to his lyrics. Morray has honestly shook the entire music scene up by dropping hit after hit within three months.

Check out the “Male Rappers with Substance” playlist below and let us know what you think!

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