Thu. Feb 25th, 2021


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Why Should You Listen To DaniLeigh

By Dymond Alexis


Instagram: @dymondalexis

DaniLeigh has received a wide amount of hate via social media and it’s ridiculous.

DaniLeigh is beyond talented and has professionally danced for years prior to entering the music industry as an artist. The 26-year old singer and dancer is originally from Miami, FL and moved to Los Angeles at 16 to pursue her career as a singer.

Prior to being an artist, she previously danced for Pharrell, Nelly Furtado and directed Prince’s video whomed helped Dani as a mentor until his death in 2016.

The Dominican Mami is a true creative who is creating her own lane musically, developing her sound and showcasing her talents to the fullest.

Since DaniLeigh and Da Baby confirmed their relationship, the hate has been real for the artist. She seems like a vibe to me. People have to get back to looking at the artist for their music. She’s hasn’t done anything for her to be “canceled,” her music is actually good and the MOVIE visual was great. We have to tap into her artistry and judge her on that.

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