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Today Marks Five Years Since Rihanna Released ‘ANTI’

By Nicholas Allen

Instagram: @thenichway

January 27, 2021 marks 5 full length, music-free years from Rihanna. Her last and highest acclaimed album, ‘ANTI’ was released on January 27, 2016. ANTI follows after a four year break from consecutive album releases, which ended with her seventh album ‘Unapologetic’ which was released in 2012.

This is what made and still makes Anti such a special album, it stands completely alone unlike any other pieces of Rihanna’s musical work.

ANTI currently spends 252 weeks on the Billboard 200 Album chart, and is the first album by a Black woman to spend over 4 years on this respective chart.

Here’s our top 5 songs from the ANTI Album:

5. Woo
This song is peak Rihanna creativity. It takes me back to her Rated R era, but with more confidence and less risk. Rihanna is clearly in her element in this song, and her vocals are perfectly reckless. Shout out to the unlabelled Travis Scott feature!

4. Needed Me

Needed me is one of the lead singles from Anti, and it has an intoxicating chorus that is especially fun to sing-along to. This song had to make the list simply from the line “Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?”

3. Love On the Brain
Who hasn’t belted out this song by now? From the FIRST second it is an instant classic. It takes you somewhere, to an era before your own time. This is an amazing song and probably gets played at every other wedding.

2. Same Ol Mistakes
Tame Impala made a beautiful choice by placing this song in Rihanna’s hands. She completely owns it, and it creates a sort of atmosphere which only a song can take you to. Her vocals are perfectly haunting and relaxing.

1. Kiss It Better

What can I say, this is a classic. This song will have you feeling different every time it plays, and it is possibly Rihanna’s best song. She captured so many emotions with her voice and the instrumental accompanies her voice effortlessly.