Thu. Feb 25th, 2021


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Teen Fatality in Recent Fultondale Tornado

By: Nicholas Allen

Instagram: @thenichway

One life has been lost and many other people have been injured in a recent Alabama tornado incident. Citizens of Fultondale, a northern suburb of Birmingham, Alabama have been struck by a powerful tornado with winds racing up to 150 mph (240 kmph) and a rating of EF-3. The tornado travelled a distance of 9.5 miles (15 km) for a duration of about 14 minutes.

Throughout the havoc, a 14 year old teen boy lost his life while hiding in his basement, while approximately 30 others survived with injuries.

This may severely impact the likelihood of students returning to school, especially still battling the Covid-19 epidemic. This is a terrifying natural disaster and it is a blessing that there were not many casualties involved. 

Survivors of this tornado are now stuck with destroyed neighbourhoods in the midst of a pandemic and it is our only hope that they find safety and refuge as soon as possible.