Mon. Jan 25th, 2021


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Kamala Harris VOGUE Cover Sparks Disappointment Due to Representation

By Dymond Alexis


Instagram: @dymondalexis

In wake of a final confirmation of the presidential election, a cover of Vogue featuring Kamala Harris isn’t up to prior Vogue standards.

Source from Vogue

After the Vogue surfaced on social media, Twitter went into a frenzy and disappointed at the quality of the photo. Kamala Harris was seen in a pants suit, with her chucks, something we normally see. Speculations of Vogue lightening Harris’ skin, highlighting fashion instead of her major accomplishments and why Elle Magazine’s cover story was better. The caption reads, “Be the people, for the people, the United States of Fashion,” like she didn’t win one of the highest powered position in America.

Harris is United States’ Vice President elect and will be the first woman in American history to hold this title. Harris is also the first woman of color to hold this position in the United States.

Publications need to be aware of how they portray people of color. Hopefully this cover photo is not what they use for the official February issue. Vogue released the second cover photo that’s better.