Sat. May 8th, 2021


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These Black Geniuses are Everything

By Nicholas Allen 

Recently, three young Black geniuses have gotten some major attention for having extremely high IQ’s which compete with the likes of Albert Einstein and Bill Gates. The three prodigies have all been accepted into Mensa, an IQ club which only accepts scores in the top 98th percentile of the IQ test.

Alannah George – 5
Alannah is a very gifted child who started showing significant signs of intelligence by 18 months. Alannah could recognize and repeat written words by the age of 2, and began reading by age 3. At this age she could also understand and solve 50 piece puzzles with minimal help. Alannah was accepted into Mensa age 4 with an astonishing IQ of 140.

Her parents decided to assess her because of her extraordinary abilities, Alannah also viewed the assessment as a playful activity and did not understand it was a test. That’s Black excellence!

Credit to SWNS

Ramarni Wilfred – 16
Ramarni joined Mensa at age 11, with an incredibly high IQ and a raw intelligence. He has an IQ of 162, which is the highest in the world surpassing that of Bill Gates and Einstein. Although Ramarni has yet to find his prominent field, he enjoys soaking up all fields of knowledge. “There’s a sort of satisfaction when something clicks for you and you just get it,” he has a lifelong passion to learn and solve expert level problems. 

“It’s just a matter of finding what …[you’re] actually very interested in” Ramarni’s mother noticed he would talk about complex political topics with her from the age of 2 and has catered to his intelligence ever since.

Credit to BBC London

Anala Beevers – 11 (est.)
Anala Beevers was also accepted into Mensa at age 4, with a mindblowing IQ of 145. Anala has videos on youtube showing off her memorization skills from a young age. She could name the bones in her body and the regions of her brain by age 4, seen in a 2014 home video. She also named the capital of many countries and states at the same age, demonstrating major skill in both anatomy and geography. 

I wish nothing but greatness for these young Black geniuses who have the potential to change the world. Their genius will be impactful for generations to come!