Sat. May 8th, 2021


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Covid-19 Continues to Infect Every Part of the World

By Nicholas Allen

Instagram: @thenichway

It is devastating to announce that several Covid-19 diagnoses have been reported in Antarctica, truly solidifying the global pandemic. The current infected residents of Antarctica are a combination of the Chilean army and civilian maintenance personnel. At this time, there are 36 Covid-19 patients in the continent. Chile is currently fighting a serious outbreak, the country currently has 590,000 confirmed cases and over 16,000 deaths.

This is extremely threatening toward the living conditions of Antarctica, many citizens live in close proximity because of the severe cold weather which gives the virus an opportunity to spread rapidly in Antarctic communities.

Christmas is nearing and everyone is encouraged to celebrate virtually with their families to lower the risks of spreading Covid-19. Now that the virus is completely global, it is time to uphold and personally enforce responsible virus prevention habits.

Credit to NPR