Thu. Jul 29th, 2021


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MCM: Instagram and Fashion Influencer @trayjudo

Hi ladies this Man Crush Monday is hailing from Atlanta, Georgia and is looking for his next inspiration.

He’s a fashion and Instagram influencer who has admired fashion since he was a child. Being born in the city of originality, Trevion Upshaw, had the sauce embedded in him early. Growing up some of his fashion looks were inspired by anime. His favorite anime show is Attack in Titian. Some of his fashion inspirations are Prince, A$AP Rocky and David Bowie.

When he’s not listening to “Come With Me” by YFN Lucci he’s thinking of ways to inspire the community.

“I want to represent for all the young black boys out there just to show them they can actually attain their dreams,” said Trevion.

Ladies if you’re wondering he’s single also.