Mon. Nov 30th, 2020


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Entrepreneurs and Couple Charmaine and Neek Bey Create ‘Beymoss’ to make Community Healthier

When it’s comes to starting from the bottom, entrepreneur couple Charmaine and Neek Bey, launches a product that changed their lives for the better financially and physically.

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The two launched ‘Bey Moss’ in January 2020 and are on track to disrupting the natural health industry. Now, eight months into a worldwide pandemic, they are projected to bring in a revenue into the millions within the next two years and have celebrity and influencer endorsements from Lizzo, Princess Love Norwood, Ashley Everett, Coileray, BIA and Kid Super.

Charmaine, a business owner and TV personality along with her husband, Neek, a tech entrepreneur and CEO of Relevant Systems certainly have the experience to elevate Bey Moss and make it a brand to contend with. Their entrepreneurial spirit has taken them from developing this product in their kitchen to a huge success. And, best yet, they plan to heal the community. 

Irish moss, also known as sea moss is strongly alkaline and presents the body with sweet organic alkaline salts which nature uses to build and vitalize the human body. Raw wild sea moss is an oxygen carrier and helps to rid the body of its waste resulting in:

* Increase skin health and cell regeneration
* Boost Immune system
* Pre-biotics that increase Digestive System health
* Dissolve excess mucus and maintain healthy fluid balance
* Naturally regulate Thyroid function

Support this black business and stay healthy!