Sat. May 8th, 2021


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A Letter to the Black Community – We Have to do Better

I’m tired of waking up seeing another black life has been taken due to gun violence. I hate seeing our favorites argue over senseless things such as a bag that’s worth more than a person’s yearly salary.

We need more role models in the black community. I am not pointing this at all prominent figures but, we have to do better as a community in the near future. Change does not happen overnight but, we can make a difference everyday.

Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia let’s put the guns down and lift each other up. We have to stop taking each other out when we all can win with each other. It can all start somewhere. An argument can be resolved with words. We have to stop resulting to using weapons that are taking out our black kings and queens. Other races look at us like we’re fools but, look at how they see us treat each other. Black in black crimes have to stop. We’re losing too many people to senseless acts.

Thankfully we are beginning to have structure in our government system but, we still need more figures to show their followers that you can do and you can make it.

Stop making everything a competition when the only person you should be competing with is yourself. To our beloved “celebrities,” the ones that control the culture – please be more aware of your actions. We shouldn’t have debates on who is richer when majority of your followers spend their checks to support everything you do and want to be like you. Your fans debate, argue and do everything in light of you. Respect them by showing them it’s more to life than having money if you’re using it irresponsibly. 2020 has been crazy for everyone, so try to lift someone up and encourage them that they can do it!

For those that are afraid to live do what your mind want and your heart desires. If you’re feeling unloved, you got this – no seriously you do! You’ve made it this far and you’re going to continue to!

I just wanted to pen a letter to my black queens and kings and tell y’all to stick together. If we don’t have our backs, who is?