Thu. Jun 24th, 2021


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11 Ravens- Luxury Gaming Tables – Holiday Gift Guide

With holidays approaching and birthdays sneaking up on us, it’s officially gift giving season.

11 Ravens, the premier US-based design and manufacturing company for custom luxury billiards, table tennis, poker, mahjong and more, offers a sense of togetherness, exceptional luxury and a bit of edginess woven together. 11 Ravens game tables are pieces you want to both show off and live with, make part of your day to day for you and your family, and your friends. It’s the perfect gift to your favorite host, partner, or for the one who has everything.

This holiday, 11 Ravens is highlighting several festive choices with reds, silvers and blacks, with a price range of approximately $16,000-$34,000:

Stealth Air Hockey Table (red, black) – Bold, precision engineered and uncompromising in style, a la the aircraft, it’s one-of-a-kind. A limited-edition version was recently released exclusively for Rolls Royce customers.
·        Force Billiards Table (red, black) – A piece dramatically sculpted to produce a stunning silhouette expressing strength and energy; power is paramount to the design.
·        Avettore Table Tennis Table (clear, black) – Fluid lines, uncomplicated spirit, aerodynamism – a “less is more” semblance for the design purist you know and love.
·        Avettore Shuffleboard (red, black) – Having the same fluid lines and level of design detail as the Avettore Table Tennis Table but with the ability to whoosh and whurr instead of bounce.
·        Arclight Foosball Table (black) – A shrewd and thoughtful luminary statement of high design; a version is on display at Nobu.
·        Theseus Foosball Table (red, black) and Theseus Shuffleboard Table (clear, silver, black) – A special sense of scale and grace, and a sculpted base.
·        Hamptons Poker Table (red, black) – The unpretentious opulence references the same historic charm and tony exclusivity of its namesake oceanside location (featured in Coastal Living’s Hamptons Showhouse).
·        Cabaret Air Hockey (silver, black) – Exudes coy playfulness, a sociable nature and is simply a showstopper.
·        Macan Mahjong Table (black, yellow) – Played with 144 ceramic tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols, the complex game of Mahjong is an extraordinary game of great skill, strategy and patience, all elements reflected in the Macan Mahjong Table. Surpassing the boundaries of all cultures, its structure and mixed materials evoke a great sense of balancing contrast, modernity, and playful sophistication.
·        Trigon Shuffleboard Table (black) and Trigon Air Hockey Table (red, white, black) – The splayed legs invoke classic mid-century design and emulate Eames, Bertoia, Cherner, Saarinen and the rest of the modernist movement. This design manages to convey the verve, imagination and the ability to “think outside the box” of the iconic period.
·        The Malibu Billiards Table (with dining top conversion)  – A masterpiece of simplicity, featuring clean lines and chic minimalism befitting the effortless cadence, swank and bravura of the Malibu indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

“11 Ravens caters to the variety of needs and desires for pieces that suit a diverse clientele. Especially for designs that are given as gifts or purchased in celebration we have presented a selection in our holiday guide that we feel sparks festive cheer,” states Sea Zeda, 11 Ravens Director of Business Development. “We also offer customization so you can give a present that truly speaks to the individual. It is always a gift for us to see families and friends gather around 11 Ravens tables to entertain, train, bond, and dine year-round. We wish you a beautiful holiday and prosperous new year.”

The first 11 Ravens design came from a collaboration between Michael Zaretsky, a former professional table tennis player and owner of the highly regarded Gilbert Table Tennis Center in Los Angeles, and designer Bernard Semerdjian.