Thu. Oct 29th, 2020


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AARP and Radio One OHIO Markets team up for ONE VOTE TOWN HALL On September 30

Radio One Ohio, along with AARP Ohio, have announced One Vote Ohio- A Real Discussion on Voting. This effort will include a statewide forum on all Radio One Ohio Facebook Live pages on September 30th at 7pm. The voting summing will cover voter registration, voter registration logistics, non-partisan voter engagement, absentee voting, voting rights for ex-felons, and the importance of voting for congressional, statewide, and local races.

“One Vote Ohio is a continuation of the commitment we have made to ensure African Americans across the State of Ohio are informed, engaged, and energized to participate in the voting process.” said Eddie Harrell, Jr. Regional Vice President of Radio One’s Ohio markets. “Our goal is to make sure every eligible voter that listens to our stations is registered, knowledgeable about the choices of how to vote, and educated about the candidates/issues that are on the ballot. Additionally, we are committed to fighting against any efforts to suppress, block, or curtail the right to vote that has been fought for by generations before us”, added Harrell, Jr.

The stations want all potential voters to be registered and to also know their rights and be knowledgeable about the state voting deadlines. In Ohio you MUST be registered 30 days prior to the election, meaning one must be registered to vote by October 5th to be eligible to vote in the November 3, 2020 General Election. Ohio continues to be a swing state for the presidential election, which is why Radio One Ohio has remained committed to voter registration and outreach. The three markets are engaged in providing listeners easy access to an online voter registration tool, educating voters about the importance of year-round civic engagement, and connecting listeners with tool, facts and materials by hosting virtual Voter Town Halls with key community organizations such as AARP, Urban League, the NAACP.