Fri. Aug 14th, 2020


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#MCM: Celebrity Trainer for Black Ink and Jim Jones, HaqqyMuu

Abdullah Haqq, also known as HaqqyMuu, is a celebrity fitness coach, actor, and philanthropist from Newark, NJ. HaqqyMuu has heavily involved in the athletic lifestyle for the past 12 years. He has trained prominent figures from politicians to celebrities. HaqqyMuu aspires to shake up the fitness world by using his many skills to change his community by intertwining fitness and advocacy. Haqqymuu was a standout high school and collegiate football player, where he played at the University of St. Paul in Lawrenceville, VA – where he played alongside the NFL Colts cornerback, Greg Toler. His career in entertainment began as the road manager for various VH1’s Love and Hip Hop NY reality stars, such as Nancy Mama Jones.

HaqqyMuu has tapped into his acting skills by doing comedy skits on social media with famous socialites like FatBoy SSE, StarringSara, Daniel Jean, and many more. These skits have reached over 30 million people through WorldStar HipHop and throughout several other media outlets. He is currently developing a celebrity reality fitness show, known as the ‘Celebrity Fitness Boot Camp’, where Caesar from the Black Ink Crew, will be a part of the cast.HaqqyMuu’s clients are Newark’s Mayor Ras Baraka, Jim Jones (from the Hip-Hop collective Dipset), Ceasar Emanuel (Owner/ Reality Star VH1 Black Ink Crew), FatBoy SSE (social media influencer), Mike Adams (safety for the NFL Colts), and many more.

HaqqyMuu is very motivated to create change in his community – especially in the Newark, NJ area. Haqqy has focused on creating a fitness platform and program that will help the youth in the inner-city. He is very dedicated to promoting health, discipline, and peace throughout Newark. His primary goal is to stop all forms of violence in his community. HaqqyMuu has worked very closely with Newark’s Mayor Ras Baraka and the very popular social-activist, Tamika Mallory, to organize the Stop Killing Kings March & Rally during the Summer of 2019. One of HaqqyMuu’s prominent quotes is, “Pick the weights up and put the guns down.”

Currently, Haqqymuu has launched his Haqqymuufitness clothing apparel on his website which is the first interactive website for fitness. He will release his new podcast on Spotify, and he hopes to continue promoting a healthy lifestyle to impact all age groups.