Thu. Jul 29th, 2021


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INVITE: “Pain-demic: Fallout from COVID-19 Congressional Briefing

COVID-19 has exacerbated the raging opioid crisis driven by the nation’s more than 50 million chronic pain sufferers, magnifying existing healthcare disparities and heightening barriers to essential, cost effective, non-opioid, non-drug pain treatments.

Please join the Congressional Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus with the Integrative Health Policy Consortium as they Co-host a timely briefing on Friday July 24, 2020 at 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. EDT that identifies highly effective programs at the Federal level that are responding to those in the most need of care. Learn from Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Task Force Chairperson and pain management expert, Vanila Singh, M.D. about the groundbreaking findings and recommendations of her 29-member, inter-agency Best Practices in Pain Management Task Force report.

Please listen to the Briefing on Friday and reach out for further information or interviews with our speakers.  Login Friday at this link —

Discover how the nation’s largest healthcare safety net, our system of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s), is leading the way in implementing the HHS Task Force best practices to address the opioid crisis and care for the 29 million children and adults who are part of our rapidly growing Community Health Center population. FQHC family physician Sharad Kohli, M.D. details his experience “in the trenches” bringing non-drug, innovative pain management programs to our hardest hit communities.


Vanila Singh, MD – Former Chief Medical Officer, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Chair, HHS Pain Management Best Practices Interagency Task Force; Clinical Associate Prof. Stanford School of Medicine

Sharad Kohli, MD – Family Physician, People’s Community Clinic – Federally Qualified Health Center; Board of Directors, Integrative Health Policy Consortium

David Fogel, MD – Briefing Moderator – CEO & Co-founder CHI Health Care; Board of Directors & Co-Chair, Policy Committee, Integrative Health Policy Consortium

About the Integrative Health Policy Consortium:

  • The Integrative Health Policy Consortium (IHPC) is a not-for-profit organization that is comprised of a vital network of 26 professional organizations and institutions, as well as twelve at-large national experts that represent more than 650,000 state-licensed and nationally certified healthcare professionals. IHPC envisions a world with no barriers to health and is focused on promoting a healthier world that incentivizes health creation for all individuals, communities, and the planet. IHPC is a trusted voice on Capitol Hill. It was founded in 2001 at the request of legislators who wanted an organization representing the consensus voice of the integrative healthcare community, aligned around wellness, health creation, and choice. IHPC champions the Congressional Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus and functions as a critical watchdog of the federal agencies overseeing America’s health and health research needs.