Sat. May 8th, 2021


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Director Boots Riley Selects 2020 Residency-Fellowship Winners + NEW Nonfiction Grant

Through the Black Creators Forum (BCF), Indie Memphis continues its commitment to amplify and support Black filmmakers by expanding available opportunities with an additional screenwriter chosen for the 2020 Black Filmmaker Residency and Fellowship for Screenwriting — as well as the launch of a new non-fiction filmmaking grant! 

Indie Memphis has long been committed to Black narratives and Black creatives. Anchored in Memphis, which is a majority minority city, The Festival is one of the few mainstream events to intentionally feature Black films and filmmakers in volume. Last year’s festival celebrated black women in particular, which extended beyond featured writers and directors to Artistic Director Miriam Bale, BCF PR Director and several key staffers.

“We are thrilled to partner with longtime collaborators The CLTV and Mark Jones to offer material support for Black filmmakers (and aspiring filmmakers) in Memphis,” said Miriam Bale, Indie Memphis Artistic Director. “This new grant plus our Residency and Fellowship continue our goal of making Memphis a hub of original, creative, and truly independent film for Black artists.”