Sat. Feb 27th, 2021


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Christelyn Karazin’s The Pink Pill Teaches Black Women ‘Softer Skills’

Do you remember that iconic best-selling 1990s dating book, The Rules, that helped all women redefine the dating game to win at love? Well, ladies, Christelyn Karazin’s bestselling online course, The Pink Pill, is The Rules for Black women. What started as a secret society of Black women who signed up for Christelyn’s online course and found amazing success in all areas of their lives through its tenets, has exploded, as women passed The Pink Pill course on to other women.

According to Christelyn, “Black women have been relinquishing their power for long enough. The Pink Pill teaches black women how to embrace the ‘softer skills’ that help us to win when we are out in the world socializing, dating and building our careers outside of our own community and among diverse ecosystems.” In addition to Christelyn’s flagship course, The Pink Pill, she offers The Pink Pill for College and the newly launched online course, The Pink Pill for Business.

Christelyn Karazin’s Pink Pill courses have won rave reviews and launched a digital empire, because they work.

The Pink Pill has achieved unprecedented success in the online course space, earning $500,000 in revenues in the first year of The Pink Pill’s 2018 launch, and earning $68,000 in revenue within the first week of the launch of The Pink Pill For Business. Women who have taken The Pink Pill are raving about their results from the course and passing the word on to other women (in large numbers), creating a Black women’s “secret society” that is no longer so secret.

Christelyn’s career has not been without controversy. Her best-selling 2012 book, Swirling, singlehandedly started the conversation about black women expanding their love options and embracing interracial dating. Her popular blog, BeyondBlack&White, cultivated a loyal following by tackling pressing issues impacting women of color. The Pink Pill is Christelyn Karazin’s most impactful and bold achievement, to date.

Karazin’s latest online course, The Pink Pill For Business, shares well-guarded secrets that she says, “most women of other backgrounds already know, but that absolutely no one ever shares with us until it is far too late.” She adds, “so many of us grew up in homes where our mothers and grandmothers were overwhelmed with work, and were focused on month-to-month survival. They didn’t have the time to teach us these things, and we have suffered for it. It’s time for us to teach each other. That’s The Pink Pill.”