Wed. Apr 21st, 2021


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Have Black people been prejudiced against our own?


This may easily be a tough discussion to have but It is one worth being brought up. We all are constantly getting on white people or non-blacks about being prejudiced towards us but have we taken the time to criticize our own?

Let’s get one thing straight. This article is in no way accepted the ways African-Americans have been treated in the past due to constant stereotypes and misconceptions but a way to put our own in check and not just non-blacks.

Have you ever been somewhere and seen an African-American male walking around in a wife-beater tank top, a durag, and Nike slides and automatically classify them as “hood”? Have you ever seen an African-American male sagging their pants and classify them as a “thug?

Have you ever been to the store and see an African-American female walking around while wearing her bonnet and fur slippers and automatically classified her as “ghetto”? Have you ever heard her raise her voice in public and classify her as ”ratchet”?

Take a moment to answer these questions. If you are willing to be honest with yourself and admit that you indeed have done these things then you, as an African-American, have been prejudiced against your own.

Don’t take this article as a bash but a moment of necessary realization. Understand that we as African-American struggle with stereotypes just because of the color of our skin and to do that to each other only makes the issue worse.

With the constant slaughter of black people around this country by white racist, It’s timeout with the separation that we place amongst each other. No matter the background, where we are from, or the complexion of our skin, we are all BLACK. We must unite as one against those who continue to oppress us.

Our color isn’t a “weapon” as they say but our bond as one in this fight for equality.