Mon. Jan 18th, 2021


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Entrepreneurs Ricky and Katrina Lanier Make Major Comeback After Being Wrongfully Convicted

In the amidst of current events in America, the injustice system has always been a prevleant conversation in every event – no matter the year or time. When it comes to African Americans receiving the credibility, respect and acceptance from Americans, they always get the low end of the stick.

A North Carolina family who created a successful business went through injustice a few years ago, causing them to lose opportunities and their credibility in their respected field. Ricky and Katrina Lanier were wrongfully convicted in 2015 for several counts of fraud. Prior to this, the Laniers helped several small businesses expand their brands and execute their plans properly. The government began to investigate every part of their lives, following them and simply targeting them because they weren’t acceptive of a black, successful family doing well in a small city. Not only was the family wrongfully accused but, everything was taken from them. Their case was overturned in 2017 due to them not getting a fair trail.

Their story has motivated not only us but, others as well – showing that you can go through the worst times of your life but, what’s meant for you is meant for you! No one can take that from you.

Watch the full interview above to learn more about Ricky and Katrina Lanier’s story. The family is currently gearing up for a restart and hoping to have a positive outcome. They had a stump but, will overcome so much more.