Wed. Jul 15th, 2020


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Sukihana is dominating the industry day by day

By Dymond Alexis

Instagram: @dymondalexis

Sukihana is one of my favorite newcomers in the game who brings nothing but rawness and realness when it comes to herself and music.

Many look at Suki as a comedian with funny videos but, she’s showcasing her music skills again and showing that she’s going to be an artist to watch. She recently joined the Love and Hiphop Miami cast and instantly became a fan favorite. Fans were able to see Suki as a wonderful mother chasing her dreams to take care of her family.

SukiHana is originally from Delaware and has worked mainly by herself throughout her career (with the help of her grandmother and mother). She is a mother of three but, never let her battles stop her from chasing her dreams. Since Suki has entered the entertainment industry she hasn’t slacked one time. I’ve seen her working since she did the freestyle to Juvinille’s “Back That A** Up.”

There aren’t many artists that are not signed and is able to pull as many appearances as she does.

You may not agree with everything she says or does but, you can’t say this woman isn’t a hustler. Since the premiere of Love and Hip-Hop:Miami, viewers have been able to see a different side of Sukihana. There was a scene with her, Hoodbrat and Kamillion and suki began to cry thinking about the journey of being a single mother trying to chase her dreams. I relate so much and love what she’s doing for mother’s.

Suki has released a collective of visuals since the viral sensation began actively dropping singles.

The video for “Y U Mad,” follows a group of Suki’s people on the porch, kitchen and just outside fooling around. It’s honestly the perfect hood video with females in it. Suki has a few looks in the visual, my favorite being the short haircut and the blue fur.

“Y U Mad” was directed by Chawkfilms.
Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

“All In Your Throat” is one of those nasty songs you can play to get ready for your man. Check out the visual below.

Now, “Pretty and Ratchet” is one is my favorite tracks from Suki. It shows a softer side of Suki with a fire beat along with it. Check out the visual below.