Fri. Sep 18th, 2020


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Blac Papi Lends Helping Hand in Philly, Giving out 200 Pizzas to Families and First Responders

By Dymond Alexis

Instagram: @dymondalexis

Blac Papi’s purpose is to serve the people, even in the midst of the coronavirus. Blac Papi is a rising artist from Philadelphia who is trying to leave a major impact on the world.

Photo by Iris Elston

His family and community always comes first throughout his career so, giving back to the city of Philadelphia during these hard times was unquestionable. On Friday, April 10th, Blac Papi and his indie label PMH gave out 200 pizzas to families in need of food and first responders across Philadelphia.

“During these crazy times, nothing is certain and the LAST thing anyone should have to worry about is food. You can’t be a human being that says they have compassion and sit back and watch people starve. It’s not right. We all in this together, that’s why I’m giving out food in Philly every Friday this month, as long as I’m able..,” said Blac Papi.

Photo by Iris Elston

Blac Papi could be seen throughout Philadelphia, delivering food to homes, hospitals and the homeless along with Pastor Carl Day and volunteers from, Culture Changing Christians.