Mon. Jan 25th, 2021


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#MommyCrushinMonday: Celebrity Publicist and Founder of GP Public Relations, Lamarra Rice

By Dymond Alexis 

Instagram: @dymondalexis

Celebrity publicist Lamarra Rice has risen from being homeless to transferring a dream to a multi-million dollar business. Single mother Lamarra went from working at a cubicle in corporate America to branding executives and their brands. 

After sitting at her desk, watching co-workers who have been with the company for years, Lamarra began to think “Is this for me?” At age 24, Rice decided to leave her salary based job to become a stay-at-home mom with a laptop and a dream. Rice went through various obstacles during this epiphany but, having to go through homelessness with her daughter at the age of five was the toughest challenge to bear. The single mother was evicted from her place on her daughter’s fifth birthday but still managed to have hope telling her daughter “If you trust mommy, everything is going to work out,” said Rice. 

After leaving her job, Rice’s circle became smaller because they didn’t understand her motive. She lost everything that she worked for but also gained momentum to gain everything back. Rice used her daughter as motivation to achieve her dreams and to become a better provider for her child. 

“As you’re losing things you see who’s really there for you,” said Rice. “You become isolated and alone.”

Rice came into the Public Relations industry due to her ability to fix things. PR simply aligned with her purpose and matched well with prior experiences. Its been three years since Rice officially launched GP Public Relations, known as ‘God’s Plan Public Relations’ and ‘General Principle.” The various names come from the vision Rice had and what is important to the company. GP’s goal is to produce great and global press, work with great people and follow “God’s Plan.” GP Public Relations is a PR and Full Service Media firm geared towards taking our clients to the next level. They bridge the gap between talent and business by utilizing their connections to expand audiences and consumers for their clients. Their services include press events, red carpet credentials, playlist placements and etc. GP believes in their clients and their clients eventually become a part of their brand family. GP wants to focus on building digital marketing for their clients, leveraging relationships and establishing e-commerce establishments. 

When asked what advice would she give to someone yearning to be in the entertainment industry Rice states, “Know yourself first, become strong in your stance. If you aren’t strong and true to yourself, anything can come and knock you off that path.” She continues, “ You have to be okay in saying no. Don’t let it stop you, use it as motivation. Always get a mentor, someone that has made mistakes. Don’t be a know-it-all.  Always be willing to be the student, listen and grow. “ 

Rice is currently working with high-end luxury brands, one being WWE. She has also works/worked with clients such as Ice-T, Ron Killings, diamond expert Mike Nekta and many more. Rice also curates a wonderful event for those working in the entertainment industry that do not receive much recognition, the Behind the Scenes Media Recognition.

While doing all of this, she is also gearing to have another addition to her family.