Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020


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#ArtistToWatch: Empire’s own, Kiandra Richardson

By Dymond Alexis 
Instagram: @dymondalexis

I fell in love with Kiandra Richardson after seeing her sing “How Could You” and “Wounds” on Fox’s hit series, Empire. Richardson has a voice from Heaven and she’s one of the best singers I have heard in the new era of R&B. She has soul, emotion and experience singing alongside Beyonce and leading Kanye West’s Sunday church service. Richardson is a star and this will not be the last time you hear of her.

I spoke with Kiandra and she talked about her journey. Check out our question and answer below to learn more about her.

Dymond Alexis: When was your first big break? 

Kiandra Richardson: Respectfully, I don’t know if I’ve had it yet. I’ve just been blessed to have many dope experiences in a short span of time. However, If I had to choose one it’d be Empire. This is my first time on national television. 

Dymond Alexis: What were some lessons you learned while touring with Beyoncé?

Kiandra Richardson: Where do I start? Never get comfortable. Be confident, but don’t get comfortable. Stay on your toes, demand excellence from yourself, you really can do anything. I thought to myself one day at rehearsal: “this girl from Texas and this guy from New York, took their God-given gifts, did whatever work was necessary and figured out how to exceed in this lifetime, why not you…? “ I must say though, one major thing I learned is, entertainment is still a job… so know where your happiness lies before putting your all into entertainment. Because after a while, you’ll realize you’re just working to keep up your lifestyle. (As is anybody who lives in America no matter what status.)

Dymond Alexis: What was your reaction when you received the call from Empire? 

Kiandra Richardson: I was speechless. My mouth stayed open for about a minute and 35 seconds. I couldn’t move for a minute. Then I walked to my car and didn’t say anything to my friends about it. I kept it to myself for a long time lol 

Dymond Alexis: Do you relate to your character Yana? 

Kiandra Richardson: Very much so. I think that’s why I was chosen to play her. Not all aspects of us are the same but there are some truths that we both share, and that’s what I’m able to relate/connect to and bring out on screen. 

Dymond Alexis: How is it playing Terrence Howard’s love interest? 

Kiandra Richardson: It’s like an exciting roller coaster! Haha. Terrance is such an intricate, and the beautifully layered person so learning how to flow with him on screen has been one of the coolest parts of my Empire experience. He’s so supportive and helpful with this being my first tv gig, and not all seasoned actors are like that. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time love interest honestly. I’m blessed. 

Dymond Alexis: In the last episode of “Empire,” Yana thought she was ready for the big stage but realized she wasn’t – have you had a moment like this in your career? 

Kiandra Richardson: I have not. Lol I’m a “rehearser” I will rehearse something until I’m for sure ready. And even if inside I feel a little unsure, my body and natural instincts take over and we finish strong by any means lol. That’s just how I was taught and that’s what I saw when I studied artists, “no matter what, the show goes on.” But to purposely mess up and to GET BOOED I was afraid it would look fake haha because it’s just not something I’ve experienced before and hopefully I never will. Boos don’t feel good. Lol 

Dymond Alexis: Is there any advice you have for someone who needs a push to chase their dreams? 

Kiandra Richardson: You need to know what you want. Have a vision. Write it down, put up pictures, meditate on it, see yourself doing it. Pray on it. Talk to your vision. Keep it on your mind. Know that you WILL have it. And then you’ll find yourself on tv like me. But seriously, after you do all of that, enjoy your life, don’t stress, take your time limits off of your visions, and allow God, universe, Life, whatever you believe, to bring it to you in the perfect way, at the perfect time.  – Love, Ki ♥️