Fri. Sep 18th, 2020


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Tink Shows is That We All May Be a “Hopeless Romantic”

By Dymond Alexis 

Twitter: @dymondalexis
Instagram: @dymondalexis

Tink has went through ups and downs throughout her career but, one things we know is that the talent is solid.

Five years ago, Tink was named XXL Freshman for the class of 2015. The Chicago native recently announced that she has moved towards the independent route and released a Valentine’s Day project for those just wanting be loved.

Hopeless Romantic is by far my favorite project from Tink. She always shows her vulnerability, versatility and emotion throughout her career but, this project showcased everything we needed from Tink. She shows off her ability to rap and sing, going back in forth on the project – giving us Winter’s Diary 2 vibes. Tink is multitalented and was able to show off her skills to those who doubted her.

Hopeless Romantic spans over 12 tracks, Tink rides out solo without any features. Her project relies on relentless songwriting and overall themes relating to everything from being in love to trying to get over it.


1. I Ain’t Got Time Today
2. Stuck
3. Cum Get It
4. U Already Know
5. Fuck Around
6. Cut It Out
7. DoggyStyle (Can’t Let Go)
8. 2 or 3
9. Freaky
10. Switch’d Up
11. Never
12. Hopeless Romantic

Listen to Tink’s Hopeless Romantic below and let us know what you think!

Tink also released her first video “Cut it Out,” watch the visual below.