Mon. Jan 25th, 2021


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Should He Be Given A Second Chance After Cheating?

By Seaira Nikole

Facebook: Seaira Nikole

Instagram: @lifeofseaira

Trust me, I get it.. Especially with the attitude & mindset females already have instilled inside that “all guys” are the same & all men cheat. That’s a little far stretched, I guess to say even though I personally can attest to the fact that a lot do! Let’s not play the female card because it definitely goes both ways. When it comes to second chances after a love one has overstepped their boundaries in a relationship, it is a very hard pill to swallow!

I know the majority of females can relate to questioning themselves on whether a guy was or is worth even giving a second chance to especially depending on their experiences. I like to look at it a couple different ways when analyzing situations as far as second chances go in a relationship. Let’s be clear some cases of cheating are hard to come back from let’s not forget to add heartbreaking & detrimental in so many ways. An outside child for instance is that something you will stay & work out with your significant other after they managed to let that happen? I wouldn’t, but some do. 

“If he loved you he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you” and I truly believe in this wholeheartedly. From a guy’s perspective I’ve heard “It was a mistake, you know I love you STILL.” There will forever be a debate when it comes to personal opinions concerning this statement. 

History plays a big part when it comes to deciding on whether a relationship is worth holding on to after cheating. Many people can witness to the fact that they stuck around longer than they should have because of the history them & a person held. Some situations we go through with certain people can have so much of a big impact on us despite the bad we’re currently facing that it’s hard to draw back from them. We are all human, let’s be real. 

Cheating in a relationship is scarring to the person that’s been cheated on mentally, emotionally & physically. To avoid these situations I feel we should all have respect & treat the next person as we want in return. I would go as far to say weigh out the situation & see if you contributed negatively as well. Make sure you haven’t been doing anything that he would be upset with if he knew. Some people like to play the victim in a situation because they have the facts on hand of what someone else did when in reality they have been doing their own thing as well.. Just never got caught. 

Look at & analyze your situation and by all means if it’s something you can’t move forward from, then that’s your decision to walk away. Perhaps if it’s something that you both can sit down & talk about & come to an agreement on when it comes to trusting again & commitment then by all means save your relationship if that’s what you choose to do.

Sometimes it takes a guy seeing & witnessing what he is losing to cherish it. The next guy may seem perfect in the beginning, but it will always be something in everyone we don’t like even if it’s something small because no one is perfect.

Just keep in mind the title never mentioned 50 chances just one may be all it takes for him to get it right & who knows you may be glad you did. People do change! Always remember anything you go through will in the end make you a stronger person so you still gained!