Thu. Jul 29th, 2021


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#ArtistToWatch: R&B Singer Stonee Brooks

By Dymond Alexis 

Instagram: @dymondalexis

I had the pleasure in speaking with Charlotte, North Carolina’s own, Stonee Brooks. After hearing her song “Guard Down,” I immediately fell in love with the soulful singer. She sung the track with so much passion and I felt every lyric of the song. 

“Guard Down,” is one of those songs you can just vibe to and think, maybe reminisce. Check out our question and answer below to see why Stonee Brooks wrote her song, her inspirations and how Da Baby inspired her. 

Dymond Alexis: What was your inspiration for “Guard Down” 

Stonee Brooks: Guard Down was actually written from my personal dating struggles. I wanted the song to be a direct reflection of my inner thoughts. I think that most of us have been in a situation where we’re searching for clarity in a “relationship” (or “situationship”) and we reach a point of vulnerability, when we’re so invested, that we’re willing to put our pride to the side for the sake of saving the relationship.

Dymond: What is something you want to get accomplished this year? 

Stonee: My major goal for this year is to create a community around my music. By the end of the year, I plan to bring more exposure to my artistry through collaborations with other artists, as well as major brands. 

Dymond: How does it feel seeing artists like DaBaby rising in North Carolina right now?

Stonee: Honestly, seeing all that DaBaby has been able to accomplish for himself has been extremely inspiring for me. The fact that he’s from North Carolina, and literally went to high school with people that I know, makes me feel extremely optimistic regarding my own ability to reach my goals.

Listen to “Guard Down” below and also check out her new single, “Five Days.”

Five Days