Mon. Jan 25th, 2021


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What Keeps You Motivated?

By Seaira Nikole

Facebook: Seaira Nikole

Instagram: @lifeofseaira

What keeps you motivated? I mean like really motivated on those days that you want to throw in the tile. We all have been in this position where we had to sit down & really evaluate our life & think of everything that we was doing it for!

Life can be tough! We all can agree to that but it doesn’t have to get us so down that we for one second think of giving up!

We all can picture what this looks like for us. When it seems like nothing is going right or working out never forget your “WHY”.. Why you can’t quit!!

Is your child counting on you?

Are you looking to break the generational family curse?

You got you bachelor degree & working towards your Masters, why stop now if this is what you want? You came this far.

Did you start your business over 2 years ago & thought it should have taken off by now yet sells are still slow? At the end of the day just remember how bad you wanted it!

What about your dream house & car? If you quit now that will definitely be out of reach for you.

Problems will forever be set before us. We have to make a conscious decision everyday to NEVER lose our motivation!

Personally, sometimes I want to say forget it, this particular thing isn’t working! Yet I just simply find another way to still accomplish the same goal to still get me to where I want to be!

Life is about trial & error. If your first plan didn’t work out .. so what? It obviously wasn’t meant to. Remember your why & keep pushing & striving until you figure it out!

Just to be able to look back & one day tell everybody how you accomplished the biggest goal you had set before you. Better yet to be able to look in the mirror & smile because you did it & didn’t give up! That has to be the greatest feeling in the world.