Wed. Apr 21st, 2021


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The Right Shoes Can Make A Simple Outfit POP!

By Seaira Nikole

Facebook: Seaira Nikole

Instagram: @lifeofseaira

Do you create your fit based on your shoes or do you need your top & bottoms established first to get the feel of your outfit? However, neither is right nor wrong! I seem to most times buy cute shoes then later figure out what I will wear with them.

You can have on a really basic outfit yet your shoes can definitely be the attention grabber! They can make everything come together effortlessly!

For example I like to call it the “chill go to look”! The one that you can so easily dress up! A female can simply take some sweatpants & a T-shirt or hoodie paired with some cute heels & create a quick & timeless look.

Rihanna is known for simply slaying this look on so many occasions! Who would have ever thought to pair these heels with this outfit? Now, I’m sure the idea is in many minds as to how to recreate this look. These sliver shoes added so must style! We can’t ignore her hat, earrings & tote bag also that made this an overall eye turning yet relaxed outfit.

For guys, I like to see a simple suit paired with some dope sneakers instead of the usual dress shoes as most people expect to see with a suit. The shoes can be the eye catcher that takes the fit from 0 to 100.

How can we forget the time Kanye West wore a pale green suit with his Yeezy slippers? They were the talk of social media! Everybody was raving about whether they liked them or not or more so whether they liked them with this particular outfit. All personal opinions aside the slippers still made his outfit.. STAND OUT! How? They caught everyone’s attention!

A plain shirt & jeans with the right shoes can also take any outfit to another level. I see guys doing this on a daily basis! It is in my opinion the easiest way to do so without having to personally have a lot of fashion sense or style.

However sometimes an outfit can overpower your shoes. Therefore what shoes you wear doesn’t matter as much! Let’s not belittle the fact though that when your chilling & just decide to throw on a fit… you know the one you go out & hope no one sees you in? Your shoes can be the determining factor that will get the attention off your thrown together outfit & solely on your shoes!