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Cardi B Showed How She’s Getting that Shmoney for Made in America 2019

By Dymond Alexis 

Twitter: @dymondalexis
Instagram: @dymondalexis

Cardi B’s Made In America performance was one word – entertaining. One thing you can never say about Cardi is that she doesn’t know how to keep the crowd entertained. She’s took her exquisite stripper moves and brought them to the Rocky stage, performing in front of thousands of attendees traveling from all over the country.

The Bronx native approached the stage approximately at 9:40 p.m. in a colorful jumpsuit, with a peephole in the front and we all waited as “Get Up 10” came on, which is the intro off her debut album Invasion of Privacy. Cardi B came out strong with her dancers all in unison and let us feel every word she said. The crowd sung every word of “Get Up 10,” while having their eyes glued to Cardi as she showed off her tight body, slayed hair and boss ways. Reminding us that nothing is fake on her except for the boobs, she then brought out a special guest from New York.

Cardi B brought out long-time friend and artist Paridson Fontaine as they performed “Backin’ It Up,” where she really showed off her flexibility. She then went into “Money Bag” where she expressed her love for Philly, especially during her stripper days. She started twerking for the crowd and everyone went crazy.

I remember seeing Cardi B at Made In America in 2017 – so to see her progress from performing at the Liberty Stage to now, headlong the festival during its eighth year run is amazing. I’ve seen her develop not only as an artist but, an entertainer. This was my fifth time seeing Cardi B perform live, seeing her at a different point in her career. The first time being when “Foreva” was released and she came to Philly to perform. I love that she’s so real and tries to connect with her fans as much as possible. She doesn’t hide who she is nor how she feels about someone or something. We can feel her energy during her performance. Now, the set felt quite rushed but, it shows that even though Cardi’s discography isn’t huge – she still had the ability to headline Made In America, which is a major accomplishment.

Cardi B’s full setlist
* Get Up 10 with Pardison Fontain
* Pardison Fontaine – Backin’ It Up (feat. Cardi B)
* Money Bag
* No Limit by G-Eazy with A$AP Rocky and Cardi
* She Bad
* MotorSport
* Lick
* Foreva
* Money
* Press
* Drip
* Girls Like You
* Ring
* Be Careful
* Please me
* Twerk
* Taki Taki
* Wish Wish
* Clout
* I Like It
* Please Me
* Bartier Cardi
* Bodak Yellow

She looked great and I’m always excited to see how she grows as an artist each time.