Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020


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#BAPSpotlight: The Cream Agency’s CEO Patientce Foster is Creating Opportunities for Delaware

By Dymond Alexis

Twitter: @dymondalexis
Instagram: @dymondalexis

Patientce Foster is not only creating opportunities for others but, she’s creating a vibe for the entire state of Delaware.

TRAPSTOCK, made to be one of the biggest day parties in the tri-state area, was held August 3 and was simply a vibe. The party was held at Thousand Acre Farm, giving attendees bomb lightning and a chance to take great pictures by the waterfront. TRAPSTOCK was designed for her interns, giving them a chance to make money and show off their skills. Foster’s goal is to make TRAPSTOCK and Delaware a staple in the community, showing that Delaware has lots to offer.

Watch our interview below to learn more about the inspiration and what Foster has to come!

Patientce is also conducting a live talk with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee. She made the event free and will be hosted in her hometown, Wilmington, Delaware on January 28, 2020.