Zach Zoya Embodies Regret in “Superficial” Visual

By Andrew Smith 

Montreal-based hip-hop/RnB artist Zach Zoya’s single “Superficial”, has recently been met with a newly released music video filled with strong evening visuals and an air of midnight contemplation.

The video shows Zoya hopelessly wandering the evening’s deserted city streets, creating a mood of dispirited solitude. His feelings of dealing with a fresh heartbreak are crystallized as the dream-like instrumental is seamlessly fused with the dark and dreary visuals. Zoya is placed front and center, comforting himself as he deals with the reality of a girl who isn’t interested in his mere material possessions.

 With this expert marriage of audio and visuals, Zach Zoya comes forward as an artist with a clear, powerful vision for his craft. At only 19 years of age, Zoya has already demonstrated the ability to skillfully visualize and execute his artistic direction. Creating a vibe that is comparable to established Canadian superstars such as PartyNextDoor should be reason enough to be excited about Zach Zoya, as we refresh our feeds, awaiting whatever material he puts out next.

 Check out the video below if you don’t believe us.

 You can keep up with Zach Zoya on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Post Author: Anthony Katz

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