#YouTuberOfTheWeek: The Creative, Lively Creator of LipsticknCurls- Jade Kendle

By Hadiyah Weaver

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Who: Jade Kendle a.k.a. LipsticknCurls

About: Beauty Guru/Influencer and Vlogger

Current Subscribers: Over 180,000

Starting Month/Year: April/2011


The fabulous Jade Kendle is a force to be reckoned with. The college graduate shows her subscribers snippets of her life in her vlogging series #LifeWithJade. She gives amazing life advice, and is one of the YouTube queens for rocking her natural hair, and showing her subscribers how they can rock their own natural hair.


I found out about “LipsticknCurls” a few years ago when searching around for different curly hair products, and boy, am I glad that I did. Kendle uses her channel not only to spread advice, but she raises questions that some people would overlook or not bring to others attention. Back in 2014, Kendle addressed “Texture Discrimination” among the natural hair community, and she has recently produced a video in response to Terence Crutcher, a victim of police brutality. Her awareness and willingness to speak out on topics such as these are reasons why her subscribers love her so much.

Kendle is vibrant, informative, and relatable. Recently she posted a storytime video entitled, “STORYTIME: I was HEARTBROKEN, BROKE, and Struggling.” I do not recommend you watch this video without a box of tissues nearby. In that video, Kendle talks about her journey that led to where she is now. She’s a devoted Christian, and shows that faith without work is dead. She uses her platform to provide a source of hope for her viewers, and her impact is truly powerful.

jadekendle2Watching “Lipstickncurls,” on YouTube could very well be one of the best ideas ever. Inspiration will not only come to mind, but thought and resourcefulness will also act as recur heavily on your mind, just from watching her videos. Kendle produces incredible content, and she is taking advantage of the many blessings given to her, and she even has a twin. So it’s pretty safe to say, “Lipstickncurls” also known as Jade Kendle is definitely winning.

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