#YouTuberOfTheWeek: The Determined and Gorgeous Teaira Walker

By Hadiyah Weaver

Twitter: @HadiyahAW

Instagram: @hadiyahweaver


Who: Teaira Walker

About: Beauty Influencer, Model

Current Subscribers: Over 340,000 subscribers

Starting Month/Year: February/2015

Most Recent Video: GRWM: MAKEUP + OUTFIT

There’s beauty YouTubers, and then there’s Teaira Walker. Yes, this woman is killing the game one video at a time. To me, she is one of the best beauty gurus on YouTube. Aside from showing her viewers how she does her bomb make-up step-by-step; Walker is not afraid to voice how she feels on anything pertaining to her, and her subscribers.


Walker models, YouTubes, and has truly proven that hard work pays off as she only started making her videos in 2015. To achieve the level of success on YouTube in such a short period of time, and to reach as many people as she does, is absolutely mindblowing. She’s not just a hard worker, but Walker is also very open in her videos, and her subscribers are very appreciative, because she’s young, motivated, and is making moves.

That’s a huge inspiration for women of color who want more out of life. She’s not telling all of her subscribers to go out and become a YouTuber, but to achieve whatever goal in life that they may have, and don’t just achieve it, OWN IT.

One of my favorite types of videos that Walker creates would have to be her “Chit Chat, GRWMs (Get Ready With Me)”. Her topics are always relevant. She talks about haters, bullying, working hard, and more. Videos like that are what I think her subscribers look forward to, because her advice is always on point, and so easy to relate to.

If you ever need a sense of fellow women empowerment, and don’t know where to go, I highly recommend visiting Walker’s channel. You won’t want to leave.

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