YouTuber Logan Paul Faces Backlash After Posting Video of Dead Body

By Medina Shaw

Instagram: @medinas97

Popular YouTuber, Logan Paul, has received a wave of backlash after posting video of a dead body found in Japan’s “Suicide Forest.” The video titled “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest…” has since been deleted.

In the video, Logan Paul and his friends react to the body. Some are saying that Paul shouldn’t have posted the video at all. In the video, the face of the person is blurred out, but their body can still be seen. Several others in the YouTube community have responded to the video via twitter or a response video on YouTube. Most who have chosen to speak on the controversy have condemned Paul and his actions.

Paul then posted this as his response.

What do you think? Could it have just been some sort of mistake? Do you think it was just a joke? Let us know!

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