#WomenKillinItWednesdays: Miss Joie Graphics, the Queen of Graphics

By Dymond Alexis

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Samantha, mainly know as Miss Joie Graphics, is the go-to for graphics and has been killing. Her work is impeccable and she even did my logo for thinkDymond! Read our question and answer below to learn more about her brand, Joie Graphics.

Dymond:  What made you get into designing?

Samantha: I took a class in high school that I LOVED! I made a butterfly in illustrator and have been obsessed ever since. 

D: Who was your first client and do you remember how it went?

S: My first client was some girl I met on Instagram, she sold bundles and I can’t remember what the business name was – but the design was so clean and neat, very similar to my design style today. She was so sweet and easy to work with, the best $40 I ever made 😭

D: Starting your business at a young age, what advice would you give to those that want to start their own business but are scared?

S: Don’t give up. There have been clients who made me want to QUIT, situations that made me want to quit but I never gave up. Through every situation that life threw at me, I made sure I came out on top. 

D: What are two goals for yourself for the remainder of 2018?

S: One goal is to remain myself, yes so easy to get wrapped up in the bullshit these days — remembering who I am and what I stand for means the most. & my second goal is to give back as much as I receive. Life is about reciprocity. 

D: What advice would you give to 17-year-old Samantha?

S: If I could tell 17-year-old me one thing, it would be to not be so quick to be a career. I wanted to be a guidance counselor so bad, but I now see that wasn’t for me.

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