#WomenKillinItWednesday: Boss Lady and Owner of Country Cookin, Saudia Shuler

By Dymond Alexis

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When the unfortunate news of Saudia Shuler being indicted, social media went into a frenzy and most were standing with Saud – full force.

Saudia has influenced the city and surrounding cities in many ways; showcasing what survival is and showing that you can make a way out of no way with faith and consistency. No matter the trials or struggles, Saud always stuck it out and remained on top throughout everything.

From the enormous platters to just a good vibe, Saud always lights up Philly – y’all see it!

Let’s stay on the positive aspects of Saud and ignore the negativity as much as possible. Remember the block party Saud threw last December? She brought the North Pole to Norf before the snow actually came. Some of the things she brought to the community people probably never seen before. Living in North Philly, I seen that people are surrounded by greatness but are unable to see if often because of all the hard troubles surrounding them. Saud showed that there was hope to make it out of the hood and have your own business as a person of color.

Now, as her attorney stated, these circumstances are unfortunate but, we have to just wait and see; like Saud said. Keep being a boss and we’re hoping to see your gravies in stores soon.

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