Why Slick Woods Might Be the Coolest Mom Ever


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In March, model and Rihanna’s personal muse, Slick Woods, announced in a quirky Instagram post that she was expecting a child. Simply captioning the picture “in good company,” the model was posing alongside a pool in a striped swimming suit. Although Woods kept most of the details of her pregnancy under wraps, we know that she expects a boy with Adonis Bosso, a model from Ivory Coast. We also know that Woods and Bosso decided to name their baby boy Saphir, a drop-gorgeous name. You thought that was all the information Woods gave us? Well, you’re wrong. I do know Woods would make the coolest mom ever, and I have receipts to prove it.

Reason #1: She’s not a regular mom, she’s a fashion mom.

I mean, no shade, but does your mom walk for luxury fashion houses and is best friend with Rihanna? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Woods not only is friends with the “cool kids” but they love her! Rihanna took her under her wings and Woods now models for Fenty x Puma, Fenty Beauty, and maybe new stuff in the future.

Woods also isn’t afraid to make powerful statements with the way she dresses. It’s pretty clear that as part of this society, people would expect you to dress more moderately when you hit pregnancy, because dressing “sexually” isn’t classy and appropriate when you’re a mom. Woods completely shatters these ideologies and shows people she really doesn’t care, by chilling in lingerie, crop tops and extravagant accessories. She knows who she is, and stays authentic.

Wishing I could keep you this close to my heart forever

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Just a spherical nigga in a square world 🍯 #iwokeupthisbig

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Please excuse my fits, I'm saucin' for two #7mos

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Reason #2: She’s hilarious.

Just take a look at this funny Instagram post, please! Can I be your friend?

Reason #3: She radiates love and happiness. 

Overall, Woods doesn’t take her life too seriously, and the same goes for her pregnancy. She knows she expects a baby and she loves him with all her heart, but she keeps things simple and full of love. For example, we don’t know if Bosso and her were planning on having a child, let alone if they are together, but Woods just focuses on the blessing it is to be Saphir’s mom. I love her, and wish the best for the both of them as their bundle of joy arrives!

Me and Saphir's September @elleuk cover story, forever grateful

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Saphir chose us, we don't have the audacity to doubt ourselves

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