Why “Off-White” Is The Hottest Brand In The World

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By: Isaac Breese

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“Off-White is officially the hottest brand on the planet” —Lyst


Or at least according to Lyst. Either way it’s still a tall feet particularly for someone who transferred from an engineering to fashion.


Virgil Abloh went from DJ and working with Kanye, to fashion designer, creative director of LV and now hottest brand in the world with Off-White.


But it wasn’t by coincidence.


With a deep love for what he does and a whole lot of collaborations, Abloh took Off-White to another level well beyond the competition.


In 2018 alone he’s done endless work with Nike including the Queen collection for Serena Williams, swim line with Mykonos, SSense, Selfridges, and TheDoubleF.


But why do all of these brands want to work with Abloh?


It’s because he thinks outside the box. He challenges himself by consistently pushing boundaries and outdoing himself with each and every single collection.


“You can’t not challenge yourself” Abloh told GQ. He doesn’t believe being stagnant and always doing what’s been proven to work.


Abloh has gained much of his success from his passion as well his ability to innovate. He told GQ, “I don’t come up with ideas in a test tube, I come up with ideas by breaking test tubes”. He is not one to conform or to be complacent with success.


He is always willing to try something new even if the outcome may possibly be a failure. But for Abloh he believes the cause of failure isn’t because of change but the lack of change.


“If you look at why people become wack as they get older, it’s because they stop doing the things they did that were formative to their work. You can’t mentally stay still” (Abloh).


And he’s right. The reason why many brands have taken the downhill slope towards a failed business is that they have lost their creative touch. Many companies are afraid to make adjustments because what made them successful has worked for so long that they don’t feel the need to innovate.


But everything eventually becomes obsolete and the days of “this is how we always did it” will come to a screeching halt when ‘how we always did it’ doesn’t work anymore.


However, this isn’t the case with Off-White. With the love for his work, creative genius, and consistent collaborations, Off-White and Abloh will be around for a long time and will probably revisit the number one spot for years to come.

Post Author: Isaac Breese

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