White Woman, 53, Accuses Brooklyn Black Boy of Sexual Assault, Calls Cop

By Chelsee Pompey IG @everythingCHELSEE

We’ve heard of “BBQ Becky” and “Permit Patty” two white woman who have both went viral for calling the cops and antagonizing black people who they felt needed permits to be in a public space. Well now we have “Corner Store Caroline” to add to that list.

Teresa Sue Klein, now known as “Corner Store Caroline,” as she is referred to in a video that was recently posted, has also gone viral for calling the cops. In a video, she is aggressively demanding for a cop on the phone claiming an elementary aged boy has sexually assaulted her in a Brooklyn bodega.

(Surveillance of what really took place was later released clearing the little boys name, although everyone except his accuser already knew he was innocent.)

Everyone in close proximity to the incident immediately jumped to the defense of the boy, who is crying and fearful of what may happen if the police arrive at the lady’s request.

Even though many bystanders tried to reason with her and explain how ridiculous and unnecessary her behavior is in regard to the incident she just became aggressive and disrespectful towards the crowd. One woman in particular she came face to face with that she called “white woman,” as if to remind the woman whose side she should really be taking. She also told her that she’s young enough to be her daughter and should go away.


Calling the cops is supposed to be for emergency purposes but many people abuse this and use it to intimidate others. It’s unknown if the cops ever followed up with the request but the experience alone was traumatic for this young black boy. Being a black male in America already puts a target on your back and being falsely accused of crimes is also a common experience in the black community. Thankfully so many bystanders took a stand for him and his mother, acknowledging that just because his accuser is white does not make what she is doing right. It takes a village to raise a child and it also take a village to protect it.


Here is what she had to say to Pix 11 after the situation went viral.

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