Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville Leaves 1 Dead and 35 Injured

By Miya Jones

Twitter: @miyajones1996

Instagram: @sweetmjones

Photo courtesy of Andrew Shurtleff/TheDailyProgress

Last night, Charlottesville, Virginia, which has been known as a progressive college town, was taken back to the 1960’s when a major white supremacist march called “Unite the Right” was held.

The white nationalists marched right through the University of Virginia’s campus where they carried store-bought torches. Violence ensued as the racists protestors fought against anti-racist citizens and students, who reportedly tried to fight against the pro-Confederates marching on their campus.

The protests continued into today and the white nationalists were met with more anti-racist protestors. The Governor then declared a state of emergency for his state.

Things got worse when a car plowed through a group of anti-racist protestors. Now, as a result one person is dead and 35 people have been injured over the course of the protest. Police have a person in custody and it was believed to be intentional. This person will be charged with criminal homicide.

There were also reports of tear gas and urine being sprayed and thrown by nationalists. This protest serves as a sobering reminder that we have a lot more work to do. We do not live in a post racial society, and racism is alive and well.

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