Which is Better? Being Single or Being in a Relationship?

By Darya Ruiz

Being in a relationship can be somewhat a lot of work. You have yourself to focus on and on top of that, a plus one. Now don’t get me wrong,relationships can be a lot of fun. You guys go on dates, hangout a lot. Have each others attentions and company. Then the 3 months go by and you guys have never been happier. You laugh with one another, make inside jokes with one another. Every once in awhile you and your partner go on some fancy dates. You take hours to get ready. You take many pictures and you smile for the camera. 

Though as the time goes that smile is getting weaker, That smile is turned upside down. 

You know in your stomach the relationship is slowly going down hill. Your heart is breaking piece by piece. The 6 months have hit the ground and the talks have turned heavy. Your happy side has left you and the angry and frustrated side has taken over. You scream and argue with your partner. Fighting over the smallest things. The most ridiculous arguments. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, is it even worth it. If you and your partner fight all the time what’s even the point? Soon the tears fall down those soft cheeks knowing that the word “Love” has sunk down. 

The sketchy actions your partner has come to, becomes out of control. You get to a point in your relationship where you worry. You worry and start to panic when he hasn’t responded in 7 hours exactly and you have so many thoughts going through your mind. It drives you insane. You can to calm down but the only thing you can think of is repetitive questions going on in your head and you have no answers and so you panic even more than you were before. You pace the room back and forth. Everytime you hear your phone go off you think it’s your partner but really it’s a notification from Youtube. The trust isn’t there anymore. To the point where you have the locations on at all times and at times when they are out, you track them where they are. 

The nights where you are cry yourself to sleep is the nights where you don’t know where to run or to who. Your heart starts to break. 

Then the heartbreak becomes a official. Heart breaks into a million pieces now and the “Love” has sunk all the way down. Deep down. It has been buried. Covered up as if nothing has happened. You don’t say a word to one another again. You move on with your life. You try to forgive and forget.

Cheers to having the single life. 

Now i’m not saying this how all relationships are. Im saying when you have a partner, sometimes things get messy and relationships aren’t always perfect. I mean they can also become expensive. The birthdays, christmas, anniversary gifts. But it’s not the money. You want to make sure that you are loyal to your partner and honest, no lies.

Though single life isn’t so bad either. You go out in a sexy outfit and not have a care in the world. You don’t have any rules. The only rule you have is to have FUN. You go to clubs and grind on any guys and girls you want, drink all the alcohol you want. Get as wasted as much as you want. As wake up with a hangover and do that night that next day all over again with no regrets in mind. You have no one to focus on but yourself. No stress, complications in your life. As the weeks go by you start to realize how boring it might get. Yes you have all the freedom you have with you and all your friends. Going out and partying. But the more time goes by you start to get lonely.  You sit on your couch with the TV on in the background, with your red wine half way filled in one hand and your legs curled, as your mind starts to race. Looking around your house of how empty and quiet it is. 

You think to yourself where is that one person that you can cry on their shoulders or vent to when you had a bad day. Or the cuddles and just eat all the junk food you can get until you have a food baby but you eat more until your stomach wants to explode. 

It will get lonely at times. 

You make a list of pro and cons of having a partner. But you tell yourself. Company would nice. 

NSome people are different. Some people want to be in a relationship. Some love the freedom of going out and not giving a damn about couples. 

Personally I like at times to be single. Yes i do get lonely. But you can do whatever you want. Not a worry in the world. 

Sometimes you have to focus on yourself. Treat yourself. Take care of YOU first then take the opportunity to take someone in your life. It is okay to be all about you sometimes. 

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