Where Fashion Is Going And How Stoffa Is Helping It Get There

By Isaac Breese

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More recently there have been apparences of startups in the menswear industry focusing on niche markets and trying to specialize in that particular area. Brands such as Hockerty, Linjer and Greats are changing the way we shop online. These brands are adding a level of sophistication, style and specialization at prices unparallel to the traditional menswear conglomerates. They [new brands] care more about the customer and want to meet a specific need and be the best at doing it. However, one company in particular has seemed to outshine all of the other brands; its name is Stoffa.

About the Founder

Stoffa, who are known  for their Indiana Jones esque suede and leather jackets, was created by Agyesh Madan (above) who studied fabrics at Parsons and then in product development at Isaia, a famous tailoring house that makes silk-and-cashmere blazers for some of the world’s most important personnel. So it’s no wonder he’s had so much success with the launch of Stoffa.


When you think of made to measure what comes to mind is—I don’t know maybe—a Jos A Bank or Menswearhouse. But these days, customization can be done with a few clicks of a button or at a Trunk Show in New York as Stoffa prefers it. The garments made by Stoffa cannot simply be added to your cart online and checked out via paypal. These made-to-measure pieces are tailored to the shape of the wearer and requires an appointment at one of their pop-up shops in either NYC, Stockholm or London. Which may be a bit inconvenient if you live in say Philadelphia. Nonetheless, if you happen to get to one of their trunk shows the you will be able to checkout their complete line of products. While there, you will get measured for any piece of your choosing. And once that is finished you will receive your items within 4-5 weeks tops and schedule a second appointment to make sure your items fit just the way you like them to. Simple and easy. Just the way you like it.

Quality Over quantity

In recent years fast fashion has become a thing of the past as more as top priority among consumers gravitates towards ethical sourcing and quality. And with more millennials graduating and entering the real world, they are upgrading their wardrobes to more sustainable clothing so they can save money for those student loans they have to pay off (at some point). Because of this, brands like Stoffa are taking the spotlight from H&M, Zara and the like by offering quality pieces at the lowest prices possible. While he [Madan] was watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver he learned that “the average American buys about 138 pieces of clothing at an average of $60 a pop. That brings it up to seven grand. You give me seven grand over three years,we can build you a wardrobe that will stay with you for the next 15, ” he told GQ.

Stoffa’s only interest is in creating value for their customers through functional, elegant clothing that will last.

Picture from Stoffa’s Instagram

More and more niche brands are appearing and they are focusing heavily on certain consumers. Brands seemed to be occupied with making quality garments at low prices than their luxury counterparts who are selling at a premium. As far as we’re concerned, the future of menswear is made to measure at a price you can afford.

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