WCW: Kim Kardashian and Relevance Go Hand and Hand

By Aaron Ball

KimKardashianForbesTo this day, many may wonder why the controversial Kim Kardashian West is so successful and relevant in this day and age. Well there are a few reasons. The Kardashians have always been in the spotlight for the most part, and they come from an affluent family with wealth and business professionals. Not to mention, Kim’s father, Rob Kardashian, served as a defense attorney in the infamous OJ Simpson case.

So for Kim, growing up in the limelight is something she got accustomed to, and that is why I think she is able to handle publicity so well. Another thing people got use to was seeing her have numerous relationships that ultimately allowed her to build her image into a brand, solemnly off her beauty and brains. The business mogul was featured on the cover of Forbes last month and in her cover story was categorised as a “new mobile mogul” thanks to her $25.9 million mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. It does show, no matter who you are, you can always make a name for yourself. Even though her dad was someone who worked on the OJ Simpson case, this didn’t guarantee Kim’s success. She took it upon herself to create her brand and business. A friend of mine loves the Kardashians so much that he told me about how their social media following inspired him to step up his game. “Growing my socials naturally is good to see whether people engage with my content. With this being said, it does take a long time. I used Buzzoid to get likes“. When he told me this, I wasn’t surprised, as I know Kim is an inspiration to many people, especially when it comes to social media.


Kim had something going for her and with exquisite taste in fashion. We see that it has landed her with one of the number one fashion icons of our generation, Kanye West. The cutest thing about Mr. & Mrs. West is that they regularly take time out to pick out each other’s outfits. She is not only one of the premier faces in pop culture today, but she has helped revitalize the way in which body art is discerned.

Her figure is a masterpiece and I’m pretty sure that many photographers are willing and have trampled down doors to to get their chance to choreograph a photoshoot, that allows the public to see how much Kimye is a prime example of a sculpture manifested in human form.

If you think for one second that Kim offers nothing to the table but a body, you are wrong. In fact, Kim is actually quite the philanthropist and encourages people to donate their clothes and money to various charity funds that could use the help. She has supported, the Alzheimer’s Association, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, the Baycrest Foundation and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Also, on her website, Kim tries to bring awareness to the different struggles and challenges she may deal with, one in particular was preeclampsia, which is a dangerous pregnancy complication that comes from the woman having high blood pressure. Her baby was born breech, which is when the feet of a baby comes out before the head, which can be dangerous. Luckily she was able to turn him around.

Overall, her pregnancy wasn’t an easy road, but by opening up, she was able to help other mothers out by letting them know they are not alone. Along the road, Kim has been a fantastic mother being able to handle all reality TV fame from her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians as well as stay true to her fans by exposing the the fakes, like *cough cough* Taylor Swift. The list goes on and on, but for all the right reasons Kim Kardashian West is our unanimous Woman Crush Wednesday for the day.

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