[WATCH]: Texaco Ro Show Us the Making of Gunna’s “Belly of the Beast” Instrumental

By Marvianna Gray

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When I listen to music I have to know the songwriters, the artist, the producer, the sound engineer, I need to know EVERYTHING! It takes a lot when it comes to making really good music and I just love knowing who’s behind the art, the masterpiece. Gunna is one of my favorite new artists out right now, his music is my whole vibe. I’ve been catching up on a lot of his work and finally stumbled upon Drip Season 2.

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The whole project is fire (check it out below) but one song stood out in particular, “Belly of the Beast,” produced by Texaco Ro.  A simple piano melody begins the song, then Ro throws in the 808’s and completely transforms the melody into a trap bounce. It’s like the instrumental was made for Gunna’s voice; in comparison to other young rappers in this generation, Gunna isn’t a loud and rowdy artist. The musician is quite calm and mellow, which makes his music very enjoyable.

Listen: Drip Season 2

Is there such thing as calm trap music ? I’m not too sure, but Gunna and Texaco Ro are doing a great job making it.

Watch how Texaco Ro creates the “Belly of the Best,” instrumental  below!

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