#TrendsetterTuesday: Meek Mill Sets Example for Black Males With a Dream

By Dymond Alexis

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My first time hearing about Meek Mill was Dreamchasers 2. I remember saying damn, I want to come to Philly just to see Meek Mill. We loved him in North Carolina! Play ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ down there and you’ll think you in Philly!

To see someone come from a city like Philly, make it and still keep going even though he’s going through troubles shows what type of person he is.

It was unfortunate that Meek had to give up freedom to make a point but, now people are really going to understand what type of person he is. After I moved to Philadelphia, I understood Meek so much more as a person.

Philly is a rough city. It’s hard to stay motivated…it’s hard to not get stopped by the cops if you’re a black man too. Meek was first person to really put on, make it and still come back to the city for many people my age and younger.

Not only is Meek still fighting for his freedom over a case that happened when he was a teenager, he still takes care of his son Papi and also, traveling to make money for his family. Why take a man from his family? People don’t understand….Meek gave so many people hope!

When Meek was released, I seen a change in the city. Yes the Philadelphia Eagles won the championship but, when Meek was released it was like the championship all over again!

Meek motivates Philly, so much. If you can make it out of there, you can make it anywhere. I’m so proud of him! I know he’s still fighting for his freedom but, it’s going to be okay Meek!

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