Travel Must-Haves: Get Ready For Summer!


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When traveling, it’s often easy to bring too much stuff, forgetting the essentials. Here’s a little guide for when you’re going on a full-on summer trip, but you don’t quite know what to prioritize and how much stuff to bring. Organization is key in traveling, and the less packing mistakes you make–the better your vacation will be. So get ready to have the summer of your life! Read some tips below and click here for EXTRA tips.

Pack as light as possible 

Obviously don’t forget that you need clothes, but don’t go crazy with the packing. Look up  the weather beforehand and bring necessities like a small umbrella, a windbreaker, cardigan, but don’t bring your winter coat “just in case” for example! Think about the clothes you usually wear on the daily, and only pick out the clothes you know you’ll wear for sure. Don’t bring your rhinestone incrusted Juicy Couture sweatpants if you haven’t worn them in 5 years.

Bring toiletries that you won’t be able to find there

Is Mario Badescu your favorite spray? Then pack it with you! If you’re wondering whether or not you can find your favorite perfume or lotion where you’re going, then make sure to stock up on that when you travel. However, don’t bring tubes on tubes of toothpaste: they got those everywhere girl.

Roll, don’t fold 

Don’t fold your clothes like you would after a wash. Instead, roll up your clothes together and place them in your suitcase. It’ll take up less space and will be a lot more affective in making sure your clothes don’t move around too much. That way, you can bring more clothes without worrying about space: but be careful! Clothes do weigh heavy if you pack a lot of them. You don’t want to be stuck at the airport with overweight luggage.

Place fragile items in the middle 

If you’re bringing perfume bottles, lotion, anything that is glass or liquid-y, don’t put them on the edge of your suitcase because they might spill or break. The airport employees don’t have time to treat your suitcase as gently as possible, so it’s more than likely they will throw it around. And if you’re onto multiple connecting flights, your luggage will be even more at risk! So use your clothes as a ‘cushion’ to protect the more fragile things you own.

Finally, have a great trip. Plan ahead but don’t forget to have fun and be spontaneous once you get there. Don’t worry too much about what will happen, make sure to live in the moment. The best memories are made on the other side of fear so push yourself to do things you’ve never done before!


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