This Menswear Brand’s Free The Children Is Rated PG-13

By Isaac Breese

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The Zero Tolerance Policy enforced by President Trump, required that any illegal immigrant entering the United States’ borders be detained. And with many families crossing the border illegally this resulted in many children being separated from their families. Over the past two months, roughly 2,300 children have been separated from their parents and held in cages where they sleep on the floor under mylar blankets. In the Cayuga Centers in Harlem, New York, 239 children were brought there with one child being as young as nine months. However, some people are not going to stand for it. Among them is menswear brand Noah who had strong words for those in office who are responsible for these heinous crimes.

The menswear brand known as Noah ripped the government for their inhumane acts against society. In the form of a T-shirt and written message, they wholeheartedly manifested their disapproval of tearing apart immigrant families which violates everything the United States stands for; freedom and opportunity. On their site, they wrote a strongly worded statement that outlined the impacts the “zero tolerance policy” has on families and blamed attorney general Jeff Sessions and advisor to Trump Stephen Miller for “terrorizing those seeking a better life in America” while trying to “pass the blame on to anyone else and act as if this isn’t the result of all their racist dreams coming true.” It is clear from the opening paragraph that the brand doesn’t particularly approve of what the US government is doing and explicitly points out the cause for these prejudice acts. Aside from their strong views of Congress, and some more attacks on the morality of these United States, they go on to suggest solutions to the social injustices occurring here in our own backyard by urging other creatives to “throw the weight of their influence and finances at this problem to free the children” to address “evil in the world”.

Noah wants the creative community to take action by putting their mind and money together to stop theses crimes against humanity committed by our own country. And to get the ball rolling they are leading by example with the creation of a “FREE THE CHILDREN” t-shirt and sending all the proceeds to RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services).

But this isn’t just any t-shirt. Noah didn’t just make the t-shirt to raise money but to send a message.

Printed on the front of the shirt is the message “FREE THE CHILDREN” while on the back is an image of hands breaking a chain. But on the right sleeve is something very interesting; a swastika inside of a prohibition sign above a lewd suggestive to Stephen Miller.

Noah isn’t the type of brand that is going to stand by and watch while the world is burning to the ground but would much rather do something about it. The menswear brand is one of morals that respects the earth and the people in it. We need more brands like Noah in today’s world that care more about humanity than the money generated by it. Hopefully more people will support their efforts and the efforts of other brands like them whose mission is to protect this world.



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