#thinkTuesday: Toxic Relationships Will Drive You Crazy, Sis

By Dymond Alexis

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No matter how much women try to portray that being single is the wave, a woman is so much happier while in a healthy relationship. When you’re in a healthy and consistent relationship your worries are limited, you finally can focus and you’re happier all-over. Being single is fine at times but, we all want our Prince Charming. Sometimes, our Prince Charming isn’t the one but, they all are lessons.

We all want that perfect relationship but, relationships aren’t always perfect — and sometimes we don’t realize that. We’re used to social media and seeing these cute couples on Instagram but, have no idea what they’re going through in real life.

I’ve always yearned for love. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t really get it from my father but, I’ve always wanted love. I’ve always wanted to have one of the relationships where my boyfriend is my bestfriend. Because of my relationship with my father I never knew how to communicate how I feel and would either become very distant or an open book, depending on how the male would react. I recently had my first real relationship and in the beginning it was amazing. I mean we had so much fun together and things turned left so quickly.

We ended up having a child together and things have changed so much, I never knew that we could even get to this point. I noticed that one, postpartum is REAL ladies and if you just had a baby I would highly recommend going to see a specialist or a therapist to talk with. As stated before, I’ve always yearned and searched for love and after my pregnancy that’s all I wanted. The one person I wanted it from wasn’t giving it to me and I felt alone. I became very depressed and is still overcoming depression.

My point is toxic relationships aren’t best for you. No matter how much love you’re searching for, no matter how much acceptance you feel like you need and no matter how much you feel like you need that person — if it’s not good for you, leave that person alone. I had to really think one day, wow — this might not be the best move for me, even though I wanted a family so bad I couldn’t continue to put myself through the hurt.

I’ve learned so much about myself during this process and I’m continuing to learn more about myself. Ladies, if you’re going through a relationship or similar situation, get some time for you PLEASE. You will need it and if you don’t, you will spazz on the wrong people.

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